Getting the most out of your dictionaries

How effectively do you use your dictionary as a language learning resource? You are going to explore the uses of different kinds of dictionary.

Getting help from dictionaries

Use your learning log or a pen and paper to brainstorm ideas

How can different kinds of dictionary help with language learning? Think about:

How are they different and what useful features does each offer?

Make notes in the box:

Listening Activity

Jack, Katie and Ling are three students who are studying different languages. In the three audio clips, each gives their opinion on using one of the following types of dictionary:

photo of Jack

photo of Katie

photo of Ling

You are going to do a gapfilling exercise as you listen to each audio clip.

Open Exercise 1 and fill in the gaps as you listen to Jack.

Exercise 1 (Jack)

  Jack Audio

Then check your answers.

Next open Exercise 2 and fill in the gaps as you listen to Katie first and then Ling.

Exercise 2 (Katie and Ling)

  Katie Audio

  Ling Audio

Then check your answers.

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