Finding out about Southampton

The Bargate, a historic building in Southampton city centre

Southampton city centre

As a student living and studying in Southampton, part of your daily life will involve contact with the city itself. For example, you can expect to do your shopping off campus and you may choose to live in a residential area away from the campus and enjoy the social life of the city centre.

These activities will introduce you to some important facts and points of interest about the city in which you will be living.

Activity 1: Southampton Quiz

How much do you already know about Southampton? Use this short quiz to test yourself.



Read these statements about Southampton and select true if you think the statement is true and false if you think it is not. Then read the feedback to find out more.

 Southampton is 30 minutes by train south west of London.

 Southampton has two main rivers running through it.

 Southampton is near the Isle of Wight.

 Southampton is a seaside resort with a sandy beach.

 It never snows in Southampton.

 A typical summer temperature in Southampton can be 25 degrees Celsius.

 Southampton has one of the biggest shopping centres in southern England.

 Southampton is the fourth biggest city in the UK.

 Southampton has an airport.

Activity 2: Getting to know Southampton

In this activity you are going to find out more about Southampton by trying to answer these more challenging questions.



Guess the answers to these questions about the city of Southampton if you don't know them and then check the feedback to see if you were right.

1. How many people do you think live in Southampton?

2. Which county is Southampton situated in?

3. By which of these names has Southampton NOT been known during its history?

4. What are Southampton's football team called?

5. Which famous ship set sail on an ill-fated voyage from the port of Southampton in April 1912?

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