Discipline-specific resources


We developed the HUMLO (Humanities) and LAWLO (Law) inter-disciplinary online learning resources in 2008 and these are still in use at Southampton.

In 2008 and 2009, eLanguages worked in collaboration with disciplines across the University of Southampton to create discipline-specific online learning resources for students. The HUMLO and LAWLO projects produced resources in Music, Archaeology, English literature and Modern Languages & Linguistics (Humanities disciplines) and Law. These projects built on existing e-learning design templates and expertise developed within Modern Languages and Linguistics to develop resources for e-learning in the form of flexible, pedagogically-sound, learner-centred materials. These online learning materials were created as 'learning objects' (LOs) and made available to students across the University through the Blackboard VLE.

The HUMLO Project created 27 resources for the following disciplines. Click on the folder title to see the full list of contents. The resources have been refreshed for 2020 and beyond.

The LAWLO Project created 17 resources. Click on the folder title to see the full list of contents.

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